Maine - The Forks

July 2015

We started at the Egg Festival in Pittsfield, before heading up to The Forks. It rained pretty much the entire weekend we were in Maine, which was actually fine, considering we were rafting on the Kennebec. It was a memorial trip for my friends little brother, Nolan, who had passed away a year earlier.

I dropped my phone in the river the first night, but managed to save it with rice from a good neighbor. Caught this big guy trying to get into my tent, which was swamped with rainwater, like pretty much everything else. The fog dipping into the river was certainly the star of this trip.

The Harrison Station Dam at the end of Indian Pond Road provides backup power for all of the Northeast. We drove up and down the dirt roads at dusk, looking for moose. Sadly, we found none, but we did jump off the bridge in town into the swirling river below. 

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